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Pruning avocado -When pruning avocado tree



Avocado pruning. When to prune an avocado tree
Avocado pruning. When to prune an avocado tree

When do we prune the avocado. When pruning avocado trees, remember this: Always prune on purpose and avoid over-pruning or over-pruning avocado trees. Also keep in mind that what works for one tree may not work for another – pruning should be done on a case by case basis, as there are no two avocado trees.

Basic shaping of avocado trees should start in the nursery, while training should start immediately after planting. This is especially important in training for the central leader. Remember that avocado trees tend to be widespread trees with moderately simple dominance. Before pruning, imagine what you want the avocado tree to look like now and in 2, 5, 10 and 15 years.

Hygiene is also very important when pruning avocados. Pruning tools should be cleaned regularly and diseased – or unhealthy – trees should be pruned separately from healthy trees to prevent the spread of sunspots and fungal – or bacterial – diseases such as blackstreak. Discard contaminated pruning responsibly.

Pruning Avocados – When do we prune the avocado. There are different pruning methods that can be used to manage the size of the avocado tree and improve light monitoring.

Selective limb removal
Mechanical pruning on a fence
Stumping (deer) remember to whiten the trunks
Tree thinning remove every second tree
Replacement of the entire tree block
Central leader


What – and how much – is removed, depends on the reasons for pruning. Pruning includes large branches, small branches and flowering branches.

The general principles of avocado pruning are:

Prune low-growing horizontal branches as they affect access to trees
Push the light inside the tree, cutting “windows” in the canopy
Trees grown on slopes should be pruned at a lower height than trees on flat ground
Separate the main ends at a distance of 3 to 4 meters, to allow access into the tree
Rejuvenation may require cutting the tree to the main trunk. However, do not expect production in the second year
Eliminate “v-type” crotches, as they are mechanically weak and prone to rosacea
Remove as much dead wood as possible
Make large pieces clean, and according to the contour of the trunk
When renovating an olive grove, aim to remove large, interlocking – and low – lateral, badly crossed edges and ridges.
Pruning should balance the growth of the lateral shoots and remove strong, upright water shoots in order to achieve a good central leader shape.
A conical or pyramidal, tree shape allows good light monitoring and minimizes unproductive bare areas
Constant attention to pruning detail, with small cuts at the right time, minimizes the need for additional large cuts

Pruning analysis of avocado trees

Avocados are, despite what can be said, a difficult plant to grow. It is definitely worth it. Healthy and tasty fruit seems to make every effort required to get it more than just a reward. However, in order to grow an avocado tree and maintain it successfully, you need to know how to do it properly.

Although watering, fertilizing and selecting the soil are very important when it comes to growing avocados, there is an aspect of avocado growing that is often not discussed or at least not discussed, and that pruning.

Pruning is a very real part of plant treatment, and in this article, we will give you some tips on how to prune an avocado tree.

Without further ado, let’s start pruning avocados – When to prune avocados

# 1 – Do not prune

This is one of the major mistakes you can make with your avocado trees. Avocados need a lot of foliage as this helps to secure a large amount of fruit. Therefore, you should not prune your avocado tree too much. If necessary, light pruning is allowed for easy access to the tree, balance and the right amount of sun exposure.

Sometimes, however, your tree may need major overhaul, and in this case, you may need to do heavier pruning.

It is recommended to prune in early spring or summer and wash your tools between pruning different trees to avoid shock and the spread of bubbles.

# 2 Find the right equipment to use

Pruning an avocado tree requires that you have the right equipment and that you know when and how to use it.

For example, if you are cutting branches less than 1 inch in diameter, then the pruners will do the job. Hand pruners are easier to handle and are amazing for removing smaller branches so the sun can shine more easily. (Note: There are also special hand prunings specifically made for avocado trees, which have rounded edges that prevent them from damaging any of the fruit.)

If you are dealing with thicker branches, then you should choose loops, as they excel at removing large branches, especially towards the base of the tree. Keep in mind that these tools can be boring very often, so sharpen them often and make sure they are sharp before pruning. When pruning, be sure to clean your large pieces according to the natural contour of the trunk.

Also, when it comes to equipment, make sure you protect yourself with gloves, a hat or a visor of some kind and with some casual clothes.

You do not need to wear a special outfit and you should wear normal casual clothes if you add the aforementioned gloves and hat / visor. If you are going to wear a t-shirt, it is recommended that it be long-sleeved for better protection. Also, wear some old jeans and some sneakers and you should be ready to go. Just make sure you use clothes that you will not mind getting dirty.

Ladders can be extremely useful when working with any tree, not just avocados. However, be sure to use a tall, sturdy and secure ladder that has a solid base. If you need extra stability, ask someone to hold it in place. Stairs are necessary when it comes to pruning newly planted trees because they have shallow root systems that cannot balance the accelerated growth of the tree top.

TIP: To avoid making many trips back, it is helpful to bring all the tools you will need with you to work.

# 3 – Learn how to take care of your equipment

You should always spray your tools with some form of disinfectant to prevent the spread of onions and diseases, as these tools can carry insects, fungi and bacteria between the trees. Spraying them with diluted bleach or alcohol works well.

# 4 – Find out when to prune heavily

As we have mentioned before, avocado trees do not like to be pruned and knowing when to prune is one of the key elements of how to prune an avocado tree. Therefore, you should prune them heavily only in spring or early summer, as this helps to avoid shock. Cutting them during the fall or winter can expose the tree to cold temperatures or even frost. The best times are the first weeks of spring or summer.

If you want to promote the overall growth, then prune the branches in the spring, while pruning during the summer will promote the length of the regeneration and make the tree grow wider and taller.

# 5 – Lern the general principles regarding pruning avocados

There are many general techniques you can use when it comes to pruning an avocado tree.

For example, if you want the lower branches to have access to more sunlight, then thinning the canopy is what you want to go for, as the canopy can become quite rich and thick by throwing the lower branches in the shade. Create some small “windows” by pruning some of the top branches, but always be careful not to create too many open areas so that the main branches are not exposed to too much sunlight.

If your avocado tree becomes too wide, then you will want to reshape its sides. This is especially important if the branches of the tree start to get tangled with another or if they prevent you from cutting or watering. Be careful not to prune.

It is important to keep in mind the balance and symmetry when pruning to balance the weight of the tree.

While this may be obvious, if you want to control the height of a tree, remove the branches at the top. Remove only 1 large branch per summer starting with the tallest. This type of pruning is especially important for newly planted trees, as the roots are not yet strong enough to support επιπλέον ύψος.

When dealing with dead branches, simply cut them at the base so that the tree’s nutrients can flow to healthy ends and promote new growth. Keep in mind that frost damage can make a branch look dead, so wait until spring and summer before deciding which branches to prune.

Do not fertilize your avocado tree after intense pruning, as the latter will of course cause more foliage. Adding fertilizer over it could lead to a dangerously high amount of leaf growth.

If your tree needs rejuvenation pruning, then consider cutting it back into its main trunk. This is extreme and very dangerous, usually done in orchards, so that new growth is promoted in the coming years. After that, your trees will grow after about three years. If you live in a particularly sunny area, it is a good idea to apply a thin layer of white latex water diluted over the pieces to protect them from sun exposure. This type of pruning is not recommended for beginners, as it can permanently damage or kill your tree.

# 6 – Use preventive pruning all year round

To reduce the need for large pruning, you can do preventive pruning with hand pruning. Cut out any growing tips in areas where you do not want them. This is a much better way to keep the growth of the tree under control as it will not reduce the yield of the fruit and you can do it at any time of the year.

If you want to avoid imbalances, you can use your hand pruners to cut and pour water on their base. These leafy shoots grow vertically on the bark and pruning helps keep the tree growing in a controlled and natural way.

Cut the branches at their base to correct small limb fractures. Broken branches should be completely removed with spoons or hand pruning. This helps redirect the nutrients to the rest of the tree and encourages the growth of the branches.

You can control the wild growth with diluted cuts. Prune smaller branches back into their main replacement branches in areas that tend to grow quickly. This helps keep the tree growing in control and prevents wild growth in the future.

If you see wild branches begin to form, it is much easier to cut them while they are still small. Do not wait until they grow, as this will only complicate the process and may damage the tree.

Conclusion Avocado Pruning – When do we prune the avocado

When it comes to pruning an avocado tree, there are some guidelines to consider. Avocados do not like to be pruned. They are fragile trees and important pruning should only be done in spring and summer and care should be taken not to damage the tree. The best course of action is to prune, that is, prune your tree on a smaller scale and pierce and threaten the bud before requesting major pruning.

Just remember to keep your equipment clean, sharp and safe and be careful not to damage your trees. You must be well.

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