Investing Innovative Crops Greece

The top – 10 crops that promise profits up to 2,500 euros per acre!


Investing Innovative Crops Greece. New crops and a shift to traditional varieties, which promise higher yields, are increasingly gaining preference for Greeks in an effort to boost their annual income, achieving yields of up to € 2,500 per acre, at producer price. Cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants. Herbs and the production of essential oils from plants by the creation of a vertically integrated plant. Imagines an investment opportunity with a revenue prospect that reaches 75,000 euros. At a depth of three years for 10 acres of cultivation. The growth potential of “superfoods” and aromatic medicinal plants in our country. Both in the primary and manufacturing sectors.

1. Blueberry or Blubber 

Average yield of 1,000 kg per acre 
The blueberry or blueprint, with its English name, is on the list of alternative crops that show good adaptability to Greek soil and can have good yields.  The seedling produces production for the first time, and after the third year starts to give 3-4 kilos of the tree and in full production it reaches 5 kilos. At a price of € 5 / kg on average, net income is € 2,500 / acre. 

2. Basil 

Investing Innovative Crops Greece. Delivery with … big profit margins 
It grows in medium-sized fields, rich in potable water with good drainage. Basil is a plant with great germination, so it is in need of lubricants (compost) and soil moisture. The king wants a lot of sun to acquire its well-known, characteristic aroma. The demand of the kingdom by the pharmaceutical industry is high and the revenue it gives to the producer significantly. The yield reaches 400 kg of dried leaves with net revenue for the producer of about 800 euros. In the case of organic farming, the revenue is doubled and ranges from 1,500-2,000 euros. 


3. Hippophaes 

Secured contract with reliable returns 
An income of up to € 2,000 per acre may result in the cultivation of the hippocampus by the method of agricultural production which ensures the disposal of production. An important advantage of superfood cultivation is that, according to experts, it has minimal requirements for cultivation care, it adapts even to the most extreme weather conditions of drought and frost, and can be planted on barren soils. It has an average yield of 6-7 kilograms of fruit per tree, which means that planting 150 female trees per acre takes 900-1,000 kilos on average per year. With a producer price of 3 euros / kg, gross revenue of 3,000 – 3,500 euros a year and deducting expenses, 2,000 euros of net income remain. 

4. Aloe 

Goldmine the cultivation in Greece . . At the same time, aloe cultivation is also a great business opportunity for Greek producers, since aloe gel has a huge demand but little domestic production. Each plant can give at least 4 leaves from three to four times a year. After the 4th year the acre can give up to 13,000 sheets. Each sheet has a weight of 400 to 800 grams, meaning that one acre yields 7,000 kilos of leaves, which contain about 70% -80% gel. 

5. Pomegranate 

The red “gold” from antiquity . . Red pomegranate juice has a few calories and is extremely rich in sugars, vitamins A, B, C, as well as in minerals like potassium and polyphenols. Pomegranate owes its antioxidant and anti-cancer activity. The yields per acre range to 2.5-3 tonnes of marketable pomegranate, while the installation cost per acre is about 540 euros. 

6. Instantly 

Cultivating super food with super perspectives. Surprising surprises still lie in the alternative crops in Greece. In particular, the aronia, which is not well known, is somehow “overshadowed” by other more well-known crops. Aronia is a medicinal plant and thanks to the chemical composition of its fruits it offers innumerable benefits to the human body. Its fruit contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E, K and concentrates high amounts of flavonoids, which are very important for their antioxidant properties. Cultivation is extremely efficient. Two to three years after planting, it reaches 1,300-1,800 kg of yield per hectare and yields an income of about 1,000 euros per acre. 

7. Rosemary 

It softens, softens rest and stimulates … economically . A first-rate opportunity for anything other than insignificant income is the cultivation of the aromatic plant, which in recent years has great growth potential for sales inside and outside Greek borders.  It is an attractive crop thanks to the low installation cost (350-400 euros per acre), its excellent yield of 250-350 kg of dried leaves and the income that can reach 500-700 euros per acre for conventional crops and the 1,500- € 1,800 for organic. 

8. Krania

 Farewell, taking advantage of the mountainous land 
It can harness abandoned mountainous and semi-mountainous land without any special requirements, offering a no-frills supplement to family income. It is an indigenous, long-lived tree, known from antiquity for its fruit as well as its particularly hard wood. With an area yield of 1,000 kilograms per acre, the helmet can yield about 800-1,300 euros of net revenue to the producer.All he wants is water. Especially when the tree is young, it needs plenty of water and it is right to irrigate every 10-15 days during the summer, idle period.

9. Stevia 

Investing Innovative Crops Greece. It is gaining ground for Greek producers . Stevia is one of the few stylized crops currently available in Greece, but also in Europe in general.  The growth of starch requires small amounts of water and fertilizers. The price of dried leaves is 1-2.5 euros and the yield per acre 100-150 kg. Ideally, the production per acre can reach 400-450 kg and the revenue to reach 1,000 euros per acre. The origin of the plant indicates the ecological conditions under which it can thrive and become a productive crop. 

10. Goki Berry 

High profits and favorable growth conditions 
It may not be part of the daily dietary habits of the Greeks, but in the super food category it is already beginning to know demand from the processing industries and coupled with satisfactory yields, climbs up the list of the most lucrative alternative crops. Gotz Beri, a foreign fruit that we ignored a few years ago in Greece, is constantly increasing its “shares” and is becoming popular with consumers and industries, creating favorable conditions for growth in our country. The deciduous plant withstands both high temperatures up to 40 ° C and low (such as -30 ° C). Impressive yields are also yielding up to 1.5 tons of fresh fruit, 700-800 dried.

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