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The  Avocado Hellas is an import wholesaler and distribution of tropical plants and scholarship and dendrilion. Producers concerns investors who wish to invest in new innovative high performance commercial crops.

The Avocado Hellas introduces shrubs and plants produced by the innovative process clonal proliferation of subjects in greenhouses.  

Our main objective is the introduction and charge distribution seedlings seedling and clonal seedling mainly avocado very high productivity (80 pounds per tree the aging period), free and very resistant to diseases. 

All our imported saplings accompanied by European Phytosanitary certificate while the plants are under protected status by PATENT trademark, provided the payment of the righteous certificate (Royalties).

The certificate accompanying the full details of the grower and the exact coordinates of planting area.

 For full guarantee of the producer both on high production and for protection against the sale and export of production from patented varieties in Europe require:

H cultivation license certificate from patented high-productivity varieties.

This ensures parallel producer of fortunes claims and protects it from the parent company and controls its European representatives who will soon lie in Greece for relevant checks first in packing and in growing areas.

Our products – Avocado

Avocado Hass Import Spain 
. Phytosanitary Certificate 
. Patented subject 
. Productive course 30 years 
. Powerful root system 
. Early production from the second year 
. Highest production of 10% -20% of local Hass varieties 
. Conversely 12 months 
. Replacement guarantee 2 years * 
. Price 18.90 euros + VAT . (readily available quantities) 

Special wholesale prices for Nurseries, Agricultural Associations, Cooperatives.

DUKE 7 Avocado Cloning of Spain 
. Very high resistance to high salinity soils 
. Phytosanitary Certificate 
. Patented subject 
. Productive course 15 years 
. Powerful root system 
. Early production from the third year 
. Average production close to local Hass varieties 
. Conversely 12 months 
. Replacement guarantee 2 years * 
. Price 24.90 euros + VAT . (limited quantities available)


Special wholesale prices for Nurseries, Agricultural Associations, Cooperatives.

Spanish avocado with a certificate of plant health Clonal Avocado Duke 7 - Clown Avocado


Spanish-imported avocado with patented hybrid

Criollo Michoacano & Improved HASS Variety

The underlying avocado, Criollo Michoacano, comes from the Michoacan region of Mexico. It is an improved variant of the TOPA-TOPA variety that has been and still is

which is one of the best avocado seeds to be used as a subject of new avocado plants

This improved Criollo Michoacano variety ensures:

  1. Higher tolerances in saline water & soil.
  2. Greater tolerance for pathogenic avocado diseases. In particular, it has increased resistance to pathogenic soil diseases, such as Phytophthora cinammomi ,and Rosellinia necatrix worms approaching the strengths of Duke 7 / Dusa / Toro Canyon clonal subjects)
  3. Ensures a significant improvement in production, having achieved avocado fruit production more homogeneous than fruit with a larger diameter of very palatable high commercial value.

To improve the Creole Michoacano variety have been used for more than three decades of plant materials from various varieties of avocado trees combined:

Such as

  1. The Nachar Hybrid (Israel).

Nachar Hybrid makes Avocado trees very resistant to salty while ensuring quite high drought resistance

  1. At the same time, plant material of Antillean type (West India)

Hybrid Antillean (West India) that gives a high production potential to the crop 10-20% more than conventional avocado trees. It also provides resistance to pathogenic soil diseases, Phytophthora cinammomi, and Rosellinia necatrix worms.

In addition to the crosses over a period of 30 years applied to the Criollo Michoacano hybrid, the new plants prior to vaccination have been subjected to a hardening technique. and controlling the resistance of the young plant.

Specifically, conditions of thermal stress and water stress are created, consisting of exposure of the plant without protection both during the Winter and Summer periods. For at least 6-7 days the young plant remains in water (flooded) and then remains without water for 7 consecutive days. This makes it much more durable and harder in extreme situations.

The subject of the Michoacano Creole hybrid shows improved and high-yielding fruits in the top HASS commercial variety.

The Hass variety provides high quality fruit with a long shelf life both in the tree and in harvesting and handling. The specific Hass fruits / fruits of the underlying Criollo Michoacano give:

  1. Possibility of maintenance and disposal after harvest for 2 months.
  2. Allows long-term transportation even via ship in case of export
  3. The graft used in young plants comes from adult trees on a 100-acre farm with a very high yield of over 80 kilos per tree.

Therefore, all young trees during their adulthood will produce homogeneously large caliber A class

Cultivation frames. – Planting distances

The proposed planting distances for standard cultivation of the Hass Criollo Michoacano variety because the trees are dynamic and fast growing for medium to high density planting are 5 x 4. That is, about 50 trees per acre. While for high density planting 3 × 4 meters and about 83 meters per acre.

It is important that they are pruned systematically after 2.5 years and thereafter. The trees should not exceed 4 meters in order to facilitate their harvesting and their offshore plows are proposed as a counterbalance.

Blooming begins in the period April to May, while the fruits and fruits of HASS Criollo Michoacano begin to grow from the end of September with a full 6-7 month period of growth. Full ripening of fruit for optimum levels of avocado oil is provided by the end of November to February with the option of remaining in the trees until April.

This provides competitive advantages of a high price of Hass fruit avocado product due to high demand and limited out-of-season production compared to the standard Hass variety.

For the proper development of avocado tree cultivation and the absorption of soil nutrients it is important that soil pH is between 6-7 degrees. The Spanish imported Criollo Michoacano subject of the Hass variety has a productive dynamic with ph ground to 7.80 degrees

It is therefore the Criollo Michoacano of the Hass variety , introduced by Spain, a unique investment option for farmers who look ahead with planning and responsible future .

Our Products – Litchi

Litchi (Import of Spain) 
. Phytosanitary Certificate 
. Kway-May-Pink 
. Productive course 30 years 
. Powerful root system 
. Production from the third year 
. Highest production of 15% -25% of local Litchi varieties 
. Conversely 12 months 
. Replacement guarantee 2 years * 
. Price 23.90 euros + VAT . (limited quantities available) 

Special wholesale prices for Nurseries, Agricultural Associations, Cooperatives.

Litchi (Import of Spain) 
. Phytosanitary Certificate 
. Commercial Way-Chee Variety 
. Productive course 30 years 
. Powerful root system 
. Production from the third year 
. Highest production of 15% -25% of local Litchi varieties 
. Conversely 12 months 
. Replacement guarantee 2 years * 
. Price 23.90 euros + VAT . (limited quantities available) 


Special wholesale prices for Nurseries, Agricultural Associations, Cooperatives.

Litchi litchi Kway-May-Pink spanish with a certificate of phytosanitary Litchi Litchi-Way-Chee-Spain

Standard Avocado Cultures and Nurseries in Spain

About Avocados

The tree of  avocado   scientifically named as (  Persea americana  ) is a subtropical plant that is considered to be from the South Central Mexico and is classified as a member of the family Lauraceae flowers.

The fruit of the plant also called avocado (or  avocado pear  or  pear alligator). Described botanically the fruit as a large berry that contains a single large seed – seed.

Avocados as agricultural investment considered for markets as commercially valuable. The cultivation thrives in tropical and Mediterranean climates around the world.

Its fruits have a green surface (skin) smooth or textured while the body (the inside of the fruit is fleshy and buttery. The shape of avocado may be pear-shaped, egg-shaped or spherical.

The fruits usually ripen after harvest.

The avocado trees are partially self-limiting and often multiplied through grafting (graft) or pollination for maintaining a good quality and adequate amount of fruit

The avocado tree can reach a height of 20 meters, with foliage sized leaves 12-25 cm (4.7-9.8 in). The blossoms that give avocado fruit is inconspicuous, greenish, 5-10 mm width The fruit of the avocado is a pear-shaped and have a length of 7-20 cm. Their weight range weighs between 100 and 150 grams while the kernel (seed) has a length of 5 to 6.4 cm

Botanists, the fruit of avocado like as berry a seed (a seed), due to the large endocarp of.

Avocado, Culture

The avocado tree is a subtropical species needs to thrive a warm Mediterranean climate without frost and with little wind. The high winds reduce the humidity, dehydrate the flowers of avocado and affect pollination. When this happens, even a mild frost may appear premature ripening of the fruit. The exception is the selection avocado HASS which can tolerate temperatures down to -1 ° C.

The trees also need well aerated soils, ideally at depths greater than 1 m.

The yield of fruiting and growth is reduced when the irrigation water is highly saline. These soil and climatic conditions are available mostly in the regions of Western Crete and especially the Western Chania (Agia Vatolakos, Patelari etc.)

Avocados' Varieties

Avocado's flowers are hermaphrodite. This resulted in the creation of 2 types (A and B) of plants and trees for pollination. Information:
Most Common Varities

Avocados cultivation:

What climate does an avocado tree need to grow? What kind of soil is good for avocado trees? Era for planting Hass Avocado. Make a fruit avocado tree

Avocado Diet for your health

Benefits of avocado nutrition in health Avocado's Nutrients and Vitamins. An avocado a day keeps the cardiologist away!

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Avocado is an excellent food, filled with nutrients, many of which are missing from the modern diet.

Securing weight loss is helpful for heart health and very good taste.

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Avocado contains 7.3 grams of fiber, 9 milligrams of vitamin K (ie 36% of the recommended daily intake). Also 12mg of vitamin C and 90mg of folate.

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Avocado's fruit is undoubtedly rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) while it acts beneficial by increasing good (HDL).

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