What Would Avocado Planted In The Yard Or In The Field

Planting Avocado yard field

If I were in a courtyard room (small – limited space)

Planting Avocado yard field. If I only had space for an avocado tree will planted with closed eyes a “Ηass”. If all Hass avocados is that you purchased from the grocery store in the neighborhood, then you have no idea. A house with tree Hass, who collected his wrist around May or June orimastike at room temperature on a kitchen counter, without cooling and gas ethylene believe me, this is your best reward. But that’s not why I would not choose to grow up as my unique tree. There are other varieties taste as good as and better than Hass. ToHass bear fruit almost throughout the year harvest period. Hass with a tree you can have good avocados for at least seven months of each year.

Caution! Avocados do not ripen while hanging on the tree. Grow and ripen These on the tree, but only ripen (soften) after collection, after cleavage of the stem. The Iass has the wonderful ability to ripen

If I had a little more space for two trees.

If I had space for two avocado trees, I plant a Hass and a Reed. The main reason I choose the Reed is the harvest season complements Hass. Reed is basically a variety of summer into fall. But the important thing is that the Reeds flourish in the months there is the Hass! So with these two trees will have the highest quality avocados in the world for most months of the year.

Man holding avocado while cooking
Planting Avocado yard field

If I had space for three or more trees.

Planting Avocado yard field. Three trees: Fuerte with Reed and Hass . If I had space for three avocado trees will add a Fuerte in the mixture. Although I enjoy the variety of flavors in most avocado varieties, there is something for Fuerte fruit with conquered. Perhaps it could be something that awakens my childhood memories with this flavor, do not know. But the distinctive smooth texture and a perfect tan flesh Fuerte is so attractive to me not even want to distort other flavors supplements.

Why Fuerte;

Then you say rightly so, because Fuerte is not my top choice? Compared to Hass, harvest time is not so great. Compared to Reed And, the output of the Fuerte is not so stable . In fact, the Hass also produces more reliable than Fuerte in most places. But Fuerte can produce. And along with Reed and Hass, I would have a great trio in a yard, because the era of Fuerte begins several months before Hass. So I could eat Fuerte starting in late fall, then go to Hass spring, the summer almost until when the next harvest of Fuerte is ready. This is almost all year, top three avocado trees.

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