Avocado Hass Carmen Greece

Avocado Carmen Greece Crete Chania

Avocado Hass Carmen Greece. Innovative cultivation Avocado New Crete patented avocado hybrid Carmen Hass patented Variety Hass Production with early and appropriate flowering and fruiting two times a year.

The Story of Carmen hass variety avocados

In 1986 about a separate tree avocado observed in the southern region of Basel valley in the municipality of Uruapan Michoacan, Mexico. Morphologically similar to the contractual Hass, but with an atypical and stable early flowering pattern. The maturity of the fruit thereof coincided with that of culture outside the flowering conventional Hass, which in Mexico is referred to as the «Loca» or «Crazy» Hass. This crop matures 1-2 months from the traditional Hass. The Carlos Mendez, a well-known avocado grower in the area knew of the existence of this peculiar tree and continued to observable behavior over time

Unique Features Avocado Carmen Hass

Variety Avocado Carmen Hass Greece Crete Chania
Variety Avocado Carmen Hass Greece Crete Chania

This eventually fruit referred to as type Mendez. Early flowering habit in Mexico, 40% or more of the total crop matures 1-2 months before the traditional hashish (June – September). Depending early fruits produced generates an additional crop during the traditional season Hass The ratio varies from year to Yea. Advantages Avocados Hass Carmen (CARMEN gap). The fruit is Carmen Hass during ripening and post harvest similar characteristics in appearance and taste the same these Hass.

Update In botany

Update In botany, the top rule is the phenomenon by which dominates the main, main stem of the plant (ie. It grows more intense) than the other side stems. In a main stem of the industry sector prevails further on the part of the branches.The plant physiology discloses top dominant position as the control exerted by the terminal bud (and the top of the firing) over the development of the side numskull. 

Development in Mexico’s avocado Carmen HASSThe initial trading volumes shipped to most major domestic markets, mainly in Monterrey. The Mexican share of the US avocado market has increased every year; Exceed 
50% of the total NUMBER of years. The Michoacan Producers of Carmen Hass variety have benefited much due to high prices strong demand in June – September. Carmen Hass significant volumes exported to the US in 2004 in recent years.

Is estimated that It there are at least 5000-6000, currently planted in Michoacan only. They created nurseries with about 350,000 new plantings this year 26.5 tonnes of Production / ha have been recorded during the high 
volume fruiting year is about 5.5 tons per acre. Name The “Hass Carmen®” is now an official Emory signal with selected usage rights and legal rights 
Insured under the File No. BROKAW – 36564 US. That date From, it has ensured legal protection and Carmen are either in the early commercial development or a commercial test in major countries that produce and export Hass avocados.

South Africa

• The Technology of Westfalia Services introduced the bouwood in January 2002, top trees for evaluation

• According to data from Therese Bruwer, yields EIAV similar sytes Mexico

After several years • of evaluation, the Carmen® Hass- 
growing club; Currently 
100,000 transaction trees with Further expansion

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